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    Tablet devices enable students to communicate and learn
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    Technology can be used to expand traditional therapeutic services
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    All children deserve equal access to technology to enhance their education
Partner:The Children's Center for Communication
Date:Mar 03, 2014

Computers of all types continue to be a great equalizer in the education, employment and personal lives of people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Computers allow for home-based education when local resources are insufficient to meet the student’s needs. Help connect these children to a world outside their home and their classroom.

  • Mission Statement

    Beverly School for the Deaf/The Children’s Center for Communication seeks to enhance the lives of Deaf and hearing children and their families living with communication and developmental challenges by providing comprehensive educational and communication-rich programs.Beverly School for the Deaf/The Children’s Center for Communication is a private, non-profit, 503c 3 organization (IRS# 04-2103886) Beverly School for the Deaf (BSD) provides a spectrum of services for Deaf and hard of hearing, communication challenged, and developmentally delayed children birth to 22. The Children’s Center for Communication (CCC) provides a spectrum of services for hearing and hard of hearing combined with complex communication disorders related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, multiple disabilities, Down Syndrome, and/or global delays children ages birth to 22.Services include: Parent Infant Program, Integrated Preschool, Toddler Groups, elementary/middle/high school program, integrated HS program, pre-vocational and vocational program, after-school programming, sign language classes, summer program, consulting, and community outreach.

  • Project Abstract

    CCC/BSD currently maintains 24 classrooms, computer labs, a library and media center for students and faculty. Replacement and upgrading continues to be a priority for Desktop PCs, laptops (mac and pc), and for printers.

    Our students are Deaf/HH, special needs, multi-handicapped, and developmentally challenged. We provide classroom and home-based services across a range of disciplines.

    We also utilize computers in the form of voice output systems and other styles of communication devices for our students who are not independent communicators.

  • Target Population

    Deaf and multi-handicapped students in inclusive and separate special-needs classrooms. Students ages range from 3 to 22. Typical classroom sizes average 5 students per class.

  • Contact Information & Map

    The Children’s Center for Communication Beverly School for the Deaf
    Attn: Mark Carlson
    6 Echo Avenue
    Beverly, MA 01915
    United States

    Phone: (978) 927-7070 x 202
    Fax: (978) 927-6536

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System

    PC Laptop System

    Mac Laptop System

    Digital Camera



    Switch or Router


    Tablet or PDA

    Software Item