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Date:Jan 03, 2020

Critical Support for Men and Women of the Military Transitioning into Civilian Life

“Being a part-time student and part-time in the workforce had made things a bit stressful for me,” says Joyce Tagashira. “I was determined to stay at school to become a registered nurse, but time and money were tight. To help me keep up with the rest of the students, I was in need of a computer so that I could study at home as well as in the classroom. Unfortunately it wasn’t in my budget.”

It’s hard not to feel empathy for a working student trying to make ends meet and perform in the classroom. What makes Tagashira’s story unique and especially powerful is that she was transitioning out of the military and back into civilian life. She bravely served her country, raising her hand, answering the call to keep us safe. With her military service behind her, she was striving to get the education required to embark upon a new career path. Not having access to technology was a very real barrier to her success.

Around the same time, a business in California was in the midst of decommissioning eight laptops and other miscellaneous equipment, and was searching for a way to support veterans with technology. Using National Cristina Foundations’s technology donation platform, they were able to discover Heroes Deserve Help of San Dimas, California and learn about their mission to help veterans obtain computers for their education and personal support. Their needs and mission were a direct match with the donor’s interests.

Heroes Deserve Help is one of nearly 100 nonprofit computer refurbishers that make up the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR), a program sponsored by National Cristina Foundation. AFTRR member organizations acquire and refurbish used computers to give them a productive second life helping people in need.

Tagashira sought help from her school’s Veterans Resource Center in an effort to find a computer. They turned to the team at Heroes Deserve Help for support. As a result, Heroes Deserve Help was able to present Tagashira with the gift of a laptop computer that made it possible for her to successfully complete her studies.

“People helping people in need is what it’s all about,” says Tagashira. We couldn’t agree more.

Organizations seeking technology donations can learn more by visiting National Cristina Foundation’s “Receive Equipment” page. Donors wishing to make a tangible impact in the lives of individuals in need can learn more by visiting the Foundation’s “Donate Equipment” page. To learn more about the Foundation’s growing community of nonprofit refurbishers, please visit AFTRR.org.

National Cristina Foundation is a nonprofit private operating foundation with a mission to close the digital divide so that people in need can participate fully in a digitally connected world.

More information about Heroes Deserve Help

  • Mission Statement

    Heroes Deserve Help donates computers and technology to: Veterans in need who are sponsored by a Veterans Resource Organizations
    Non-profits with a mission to help Veterans such as Veterans Resource Centers and Organizations.
    We do this by donating (we need a letter or reason why you need this help before we consider your need) the technology (computers, printers and other types of technology). If your College or Organization doesn’t have a program, please have them contact us so we can assist them in starting one. They might be able to donate the technology that they no longer use or need.

  • Project Abstract

    HDH mission is donating to VRC (Veteran Resource Centers) and organizations that assist Veterans with education, job training and small business skills for reintegration back into civilian life. HDH fulfils its mission through socially responsible utilization of the E-waste and surplus stream of computers and peripheral equipment.

  • Target Population

    Mostly transitioning Veterans from active duty and homelessness. Help could be in the thousands across various age and gender categories.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Heroes Deserve Help
    Attn: Nathaniel P Miller
    446 W Arrow Hwy Unit 5
    San Dimas, CA 91773
    United States

    Phone: (714) 588-2091
    Email: nmiller@heroesdeservehelp.org

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Laptop System

    PC CPU (Partial System)

    Hard Disk Drive




    Tablet or PDA

    Miscellaneous Item