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Partner:Middle Earth
Date:Feb 11, 2015

Sponsoring with Youth for Responsible Adulthood

Every young person needs a start for their success – someone who makes them feel worthy, someone who believes in them, someone who puts them on the right path. Middle Earth is that support network for youth. Middle Earth steps in and fills the void so that the youth avoids risky behavior and realizes they are capable of thoroughly succeeding in their life.

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide prevention, intervention and crisis services assisting individuals, primarily youth, to develop into responsible and productive members of the community.
    Programs offered include:
    Youth Centers/JOURNEYS – provides a safe and supervised place for any youth between the ages of 12 and 18 to gather and interact positively with their peers. Structured life skills groups offered.
    Supported Employment Programs ( PROMISE/VISIONS) -program designed to help youth improve academic success; learn job readiness and life skills; gain employment experience; and receive mentoring and support services.

    Work Readiness Credential Program – youth are prepared to take an assesment on employment soft skills to obtain a certification that can be used to give them an edge when applying for a job as well as provide them with the skills that most employers are seeking in candidates in entry level positions.
    We also have a 21st Century learning centers, mentoring programs, community service programs, and Big Dan’s Bike Shop where the youth learn a trade as well as how to operate a buisness and can earn a work credential.

  • Project Abstract

    Although all of the programs have a need for computers so the youth can work on different life and job readiness skills, our Workskills Certification Program for girls has a very pressing need. The program serves female youth from Somerset County and it uses the WorkSkills workbook curriculum to prepare the girls to take a certification test in employment soft skills. If they pass the test and recieve the certification it gives them something to put on their resumes to give them an edge ov er other applicants. Each girl will need to have a computer to not only take the actual test on but also to do activities to prepare them for the test. This inlucdes writing resumes, active listening and situational judgement situations in the workplace as well as filling out online job applications.

  • Target Population

    For this project specifically we will be serving 30 female youth from all over Somerset County. Many of these youth will be low income, between the ages of 14 and 18 and have some type of disability. All of the programs offered at Middle Earth will benefit from the computer donations. Over the course of a year on average about 200 youth will benefit from the donation of computers. These youth are between the ages of 14-22, are low-moderate income and have some type of disablity.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Middle Earth
    Attn: Maria Strada
    (contact for street address)
    Bridgewater, NJ 08807
    United States

    Phone: (908) 722-9908 x 12
    Fax: (908) 722-5411
    Email: mstrada@middleearthnj.org

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System

    PC Laptop System

    Mac Desktop System

    Mac Laptop System

    Digital Camera




    Tablet or PDA


    Sound Card

    Video Card

    Miscellaneous Item