Tech For Troops Project

Partner:Tech For Troops Project
Date:Jun 16, 2016

Tech For Troops Project provides free refurbished computers to veterans, enabling them to connect with employers and develop essential computer skills.

  • Mission Statement

    Tech For Troops gifts free refurbished computers to in need veterans and their families, enabling them to connect with employers and develop essential computer skills. We hire veterans and provide technical training, keep usable computers out of the landfill, and recycle electronics in an environmentally sustainable way.

  • Project Abstract

    Tech For Troops Project collects and refurbishes used computers from individuals and businesses, and donates them to veterans for free. Any donated equipment that we can’t reuse is put back into circulation through resale or recycled responsibly. Proceeds from recycling and reselling help to fund our mission. For veterans interested in a computer career, we offer free training, internships, and introductions to potential employers.

  • Target Population

    Veterans of all ages, disabilities or needs.
    Our donations to individuals and multiple vet-centric organizations have helped hundreds if not thousands of veterans in central Virginia and across the nation.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Tech For Troops
    Attn: Mark Casper
    (contact for street address)
    Richmond, VA 23230
    United States

    Phone: (804) 241-3169

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System

    PC Laptop System

    Mac Desktop System

    Mac Laptop System

    PC CPU (Partial System)

    All-In-One Unit

    Hard Disk Drive


    Switch or Router



    Network Interface Card

    Software Item

    Sound Card

    Video Card

    Miscellaneous Item