Heroes Deserve Help

Heroes Deserve Help is working with Veteran Organizations and College Resource Centers in Southern California that assist Veterans with programs that include reintegration and training into the civilian job marketplace.
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Tech For Troops Project

Tech For Troops Project provides free refurbished computers to veterans, enabling them to connect with employers and develop essential computer skills.
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Westhab, Inc.

Westhab’s mission is to provide safe, affordable housing and supportive services as needed, to help people improve their quality of life; and to help create secure communities in under-served neighborhoods.
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Lexington Vocational Services Center, Inc.

The Lexington Vocational Services Center seeks to maximize the potential of adults who are deaf, through employment. Deafness is the most prevalent yet least understood of all major disabling conditions.
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Carroll Center for the Blind

The Carroll Center serves the needs of blind and visually–impaired persons by providing rehabilitation, skills training, and educational opportunities to achieve independence, self–sufficiency, and self–fulfillment and by educating the public regarding the potential of persons who are
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Middle Earth

Sponsoring with Youth for Responsible Adulthood Every young person needs a start for their success – someone who makes them feel worthy, someone who believes in them, someone who puts them on the right path. Middle Earth is that support network for youth. Middle Earth steps in and fil
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